Solutions in Education

We collaborate with education organizations (schools, high-schools, non-formal education and universities), social actors and employers and we provide solutions for strategic development, e-learning, innovative teaching, learning development, design and implementation of innovative digital tools and project management.

About Us

Kleinon provides tailored support services for a wide range of education and training institutions and organizations and its staff is involved in projects aiming to support our beneficiaries in raising their educational standards.

We are performance oriented, and we know that effectiveness, flexibility and rapid improvements in learning outcomes is vital for nowadays dynamic society. To enhance the quality of our activities we often invest in developing our own tools and building our own knowledge, even if this often means volunteering or unrewarded efforts. 

Established in 2008, our organization has recently passed through an intense re-branding and re-organization process.
Technically a small company, although not (yet) formally a social enterprise, Kleinon is able to bring together people and knowledge from the field of education and from the business sector.

We collaborate with education organizations (schools, high-schools, non-formal education, and universities), social actors and employers and we provide solutions for strategic development, e-learning & innovative teaching and learning development, design and implementation of innovative digital tools, and project management.

As teachers, we are all the time in touch with the realities of the education system, which is allowing us to use our know how along with the digital, research, intercultural and PM skills of our team and to identify the best solutions and opportunities for our clients and beneficiaries. 

Strategic Development & International Cooperation

Develop your organization through international projects. We can help you define your vision, develop an internationalization strategy and a development plan.

Trainings & E-learning Development

We organize tailor-made, in-house or international trainings for all kind of target groups: teaching staff, students, administrative staff.
Engaging and affordable e-learning development.

Project Management Support

From idea development, partners identification, project writing, to implementation, dissemination, evaluation and final reporting.

Cooperation & Partnerships

We already have an EU-wide network of organizations active in the field of education and we're all the time glad of new cooperations. 
Would you like to be a partner in one of our projects? Or need a reliable one for yours? As partners in an Erasmus + project, for example,  we can always reach a high number of theoretical and VET education institutions, but also companies, recruiters, local authorities, EU networks and media.
Have any other idea? Just leave us a message!

Erasmus + Projects

 Kleinon is involved as a partner in  Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Projects, in the field of VET  and  ADULT EDUCATION .


Identified as the need of EU SMEs to adopt Smart Working as a means to increase efficiency, improve working conditions and reduce costs.

Competences, Citizenship and Inclusion through Music and Movement Education Solutions

ERASMUS PLUS: KA2 Strategic Partnerships

Smart Aspirations Future Employment

The project Smart Aspirations Future Employment+ (SAFE+) is a partnership between 6 organisations from UK, Turkey, Romania, Germany , Netherlands and Austria, who have the same institutional needs; youth inclusion for a better life opportunities..

AXESS Project

AXESS is the concrete answer to specific needs in the field of upskilling adults, with focus on Digital Skills for low skilled adult women. Digital Skills for low skilled adults is a priority for Erasmus+;

DELTA Project

Companies can no longer solely rely on classroom-based instruction or linear training by watching someone perform a task and then repeating it. The DELTA project aims to promote, facilitate and improve the participation of companies in the VET system. 

EIDE Project

Emotional Intelligence and Digital Entrepreneurship in VET
project brings together partners from different backgrounds (business/ICT field, VET providers and social partners/NGO) in order to address one of the most important nowadays priority. Entrepreneurial activity, due to its positive effects (fostering innovation, job creation, encouraging competitiveness) is vital for economic growth and economic prosperity.

Would like to work with us?

We're looking for awesome people to complete our great team.  

Either you're an experienced one and you're interested in extending your cooperations or new to the field, with no experience at all, we're looking for potential and talent all the time.  

We like working smarter, not harder, but being open minded, passionate and willing to learn are crucial requirements if you want to become part of your team. 

If you think you'll like to work with us,  just drop a message using the contact form at the bottom of the website and our team will contact you. We're looking for experienced part-time collaborators, interns and volunteers all around Europe. Including online/remote work!



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