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The DELTA team meets in Berlin!

DELTA is an Erasmus+ project coordinated by Dundee & Angus College (Scotland) which counts with partners from Germany, Romania, Italy, Sweden and the Basque Country.
Along the first year of the project, this team developed a tool addressed to VET teachers and VET students, based on the use of Google sites, to create professional digital portfolios in order to present the VET learners´ skills and competences in a more attractive way to companies.
The second half of the project starts with this meeting in Berlin, where partners discussed about the development of a toolkit addressed to companies, to attract them to dual VET and also to improve the quality of the work based learning (WBL) provided by them, and also exchanged experiences on the use of collaborative schemes for WBL, which will be gathered in a final document with some conclusions/recommendations for policy makers, companies and VET colleges themselves.
The tool to elaborate digital portfolios and the rest of the results of the project will be accesible in the project Website 

DELTA Digital Portfolio. What VET can do for your company, the 1st DELTA MULTIPLIER EVENT IN ROMANIA (E5) - ORGANIZED BY KLEINON IN ROMANIA, JUNE 7th, 2018

The multiplier event, dedicated to VET colleges/teachers, their industry partners and interested companies, to offer them the opportunity experience DELTA Digital Portfolio, what it is, how to use it in their relation with companies and how to develop their own digital portfolio, brought together 32 VET professionals, twice the number initially expected, showing the high level of interest amongst them for improving VET-companies cooperation.
It involved highly interactive activities and active participation of all the attendants. After the initial presentations of the project and the project, live demonstrations, testing sessions and workshops have been organized. The participants provided feedback on how the usability and impact of the product can be maximized and they have expressed their interest for future collaboration.
The event and DELTA Digital Portfolio been rated as high quality and with a significant degree of relevance and usefulness for the VET field by 100% of the participants 

AXESS 2nd Transnational Meeting in Pescara

3rd and 4th of May 2018

DELTA 2nd Transnational Meeting in Durnago

24-25th of April 2018

AXESS Kick-off Meeting in Brussels

Between November 30th and December 1st Kleinon met for the first time with the AXESS project partners in Brussels. The event was hosted by IHF (Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl).

AXESS (Acquisition of Key Competences for Economic and Social Sustainability)  is the concrete answer to specific needs in the field of upskilling adults, with focus on Digital Skills for low skilled adult women. The choice for the topic (Digital Skills) is due to the relevance of digital skills in modern social and economic environment. Digital Skills for low skilled adults is a priority for Erasmus+; Digital skills for adult women is a topic for Slovakia: the OECD International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), which is a survey of adult skills, reports that Slovakia scores very well in Literacy (8 out of 24 countries) and Numeracy (7 in 24). But Slovakia scores poorly (17 on 24) in “Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environment” (the combination of ICT literacy and cognitive skills of problem solving: in EU and Erasmus+ Context = Digital Skills).

The direct target group is represented by low-skilled adult women and the overall “ecosystem” of female digital empowerment, including AE. A very import part are AE educators, trainers and mentors who also need to enhance their digital skills. The project is coordinated by Academia Istropolitana Nova from Slovakia.

DELTA Kick-off Meeting in Dundee

Kleinon attended the first transnational meeting of DELTA (Developing Expertise in Learning and Training Assessment in the Workplace) project, held in Dundee on November 5th/6th and hosted by Dundee and Angus College.

The objective of the proposal is to increase the skills of tutors in company to be able to host, train, monitor and assess the apprentices/students and design a process to facilitate the participation of SMEs in the dual VET system (or any other scheme of hosting students in companies). The project will aim to promote a training culture amongst companies, especially SMEs, through awareness raising activities and utilizing the experience of companies with a prior experience of hosting VET students and showing the beneficial results for the organization.

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